Evolution of the Industry


Heartbeat Music recognizes the ever-impending importance of social media and online networking for up and coming musicians. The evolution of the music industry is undeniably focused around the use of social media, along with the indisputable fact that an artist’s success is directly correlated with their presence in the online networking market.

With the increase in online music and entertainment publications, Heartbeat Music is focused around picking out the most impressive stripped-down acoustic performances among these publications and highlighting them for all heartbeats to see and appreciate.

Why does Heatbeat Music only highlight acoustic performances?

I am a firm believer in the idea that any singer-songwriter should have the ability to perform acoustically. To me, an acoustic performance can say so many things about an artist because when you strip all of the production out of a song, all that is left is a talented voice and hopefully some poetically strong lyrics. Playing acoustically highlights an artists full musical ability. It shows the real talent of a guitarist, pianist, drummer, etc. Acoustic performances are the true test of an artists vocals and his or her ability to perform. They are the performances that truly highlight the stripped down raw talent of a musician.


  1. My favorite part of this post is “I am a firm believer in the idea that any singer-songwriter should have the ability to perform acoustically.” Although there are exceptions (Kraftwerk is an amazing group but I’m not sure it would be possible for them to play acoustically), I’m a musician myself and have always been drawn to other musicians who can actually play their instruments, plugged in or not.

    • Thanks! I completely agree. There are definitely exceptions to this acoustic thought and plenty of great ones at that! I am also a musician and I think that is what fascinates me about acoustic performances. It brings it back to where it all begins for the artists and I love being able to see that side of them.

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