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The Devil Makes Three

If you’re not already a Devil Makes Three fan.. now is a better time than ever! I have gotten a chance to see this lovely trio live now about 4 times and each time is better than the time before. Words cannot describe the atmosphere of one of their concerts. Every show is like a whole community of strangers dancing, singing, and laughing together. Simply put the Devil Makes Three is one of those bands that you have to see live to fully understand.  I simply cannot get enough of it.

With a number of full albums under their belts TDM3 seems to be getting better year after year. Their latest release I’m a Stranger Here (2013) encompasses all of their foot stomping, bluegrass, jam band goodness into one album. I highly recommend it. All of the above being a huge reason why I believe The Devil Makes Three deserves all of the Heartbeats that they can get! ENJOY!

Check out this exclusive TDM3’s live acoustic performance here first with Heartbeat Music presented by The Ones To Watch with Skype.

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