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Andrew-Hozier-Bryne, known simply as Hozier, is an Irish born musician from Bray, County Wicklow. Hozier’s voice is so powerful, rich,  and so soulful, I’m sure I’ll be following his music for years to come. Andrew’s voice is an instrument in itself, but dont let it distract you from his impeccable guitar skills. These are what first drew me to find out more about Hozier. Not only can Hozier come up with some amazingly soulful riffs, but he can back it up with an amazingly soulful voice AND powerful lyrics. Some may say that this is the entire package when it comes to a singer-songwriter and I’m right on board with them.

This 24-year-old Irishman’s music is definitely based in the blues and you can hear some of his musical influences such as Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker come through in his performances. Hozier’s song “Take Me to Church” is an instant attention grabber and it keeps his audiences wanting more. Individually, Andrew comes across as a quiet and somewhat shy introvert, but as soon as he takes the stage and his voice takes over, you can tell that there is so much passion behind his quiet persona. I cant wait to see where Hozier’s musical career takes him and he deserves all the Heartbeats that he can get! Enjoy!

Heartbeat Video #1:

Heartbeat Video #2:

Heartbeat Video #3:

NPR’s Tiny Desk concert… I recommend watching the entire thing!

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