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JP Cooper

Hey Heartbeat Music Fans.. I know its been awhile! Ive been off enjoying every bit of summer here in Bend, OR! My newest Heartbeat Music highlight is the one and only JP Cooper. As soon as I hear Coopers voice I was absolutely blown away. His voice is filled with romance, passion, and pure love for the music that he creates. Not to mention he is a phenomnal guitarist! This Manchester born artist has a combination of Amos Lee with John Ledgend, and a little bit of Ray Lamontagne. I simply can’t get enough of his raspy, yet strong vocals that captivate everyone that is listening. His music is filled with so much passion that he makes it hard to keep your eyes off of him. I am definitley looking forward to what the future has instore for Mr. JP Cooper! He deserves all of the heartbeats that he can get!  

Heartbeat Video #1:
Heartbeat Video #2:
Heartbeat Video #3:

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