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Little Green Cars

Little Green Cars caught my attention within the first 30 seconds of seeing them perform! Such amazing talent, vocals, lyrics, and harmonies all wrapped up in a non-conceited fashion while performing. Little Green Cars has this way of making what they do look so easy and they do it in such a calm fashion that its almost mesmerizing. I am blown away by their 5 part harmonies and their pitch-perfect timing with every word. They are not afraid to stretch the strength of their vocals and it is over the top attention catching. I love it! This 5 piece pop-folk band is originally from Dublin and the lineup consists of Stevie Appleby (vocals, guitar), Faye O’Rourke (vocals, guitar), Donagh Seaver O’Leary (bass, vocals), Adam O’Regan (guitar, vocals), Dylan Lynch (drums, vocals). Listening to their debut album Absolute Zero it is easy to tell that they have the potential to rise to the top of the charts. I simply cannot get enough of this band and I believe that they deserve every Heartbeat that they can get!


John Wayne

The Kitchen Floor

 My Love Took My Down To The River To Silence Me 

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