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Brett Dennen is not new news by any means, but in light of his most recent release Smoke and Mirrors (2013) I thought it would be appropriate for him to be a Heartbeat Music highlight. Brett Dennen is a talented folk-pop singer-sonewriter from Oakdale, California and has been gathering quite the following since his self titled debut in 2004. He is such a rad guitar player ontop of being a pretty amazing songwriter and to me this is a perfect combination. Bretts lyrics have the potential to touch an emotional chord in everyone that listens to his music. He covers topics from love, religion, political issues, to consumerism in America. Pretty much every issue that a young adult has gone through Brett has come up with some sort of clever line about it. For example one of my favorite lines from his song “Aint No Reason” being:

“People walk around pushing back their debts,
Wearing paychecks like necklaces and bracelets,
Talking about nothing, not thinking about death,
Every little heartbeat, every little breath.”

Smoke and Mirrors (2013) is Dennen’s fifth album release and out of these five this one is definitely one of my favorites.  The second track on the album “Wild Child” has the potential to be a chart topping hit. When I first heard it I listened to it about 5 times in a row because I wanted to learn it so I could sing along. I think that is a pattern for Brett with this album, creating songs that make people want to keep listening to them over and over again. Rolling Stone states, “The nostalgic “When We Were Young” is also worthy of a listen; its simple, upbeat message urges maturing rock fans to turn up their radios and stay forever young”(John D. Luerssen). The seventh track on the album Dont Mess With Karma” is another song that I cant get enough of, combining a pretty impressive guitar riff with some pretty awesome lyrics. Overall this album is one every Heartbeat Music fan should check out and Brett Dennen is an artist that deserves all the heartbeats that he can get!

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