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Talk about having a soul wrenching natural talent, Birdy is a 17 year old that appears to have it all. Birdy has a voice that engulfs listeners and can bring them to lose track of time while listening to her unique interpretations of songs such as Bon Iver’s Skinny Love and The Postal Service’s The District Sleeps Alone Tonight. In my opinion Birdy has the mixture of Florence + The Machine’s vocal passion and the great Emeli Sande’s piano and songwriting skills. Yes, for all of you male heartbeat music fans out there Birdy does qualify as a “girly female vocalist”, but if you can appreciate an amazing voice and musical talent, you can most certainly appreciate and become a Heartbeat for this lady. I simply cannot get enough of it.

Topping the charts in eight countries with her self titled debut album Birdy (2011), Birdy has been making a name for herself all over the world. With this in mind Birdy’s most recent release Fire Within (2013) is definitley one to mark down in the books. Although we over here in the states are patiently awaiting its North American release (which is planned for sometime in 2014) the reviews and press releases from the UK and elsewhere around the world are sending the message that it is definitely not one to be overlooked. The Digital Fix states “Fire Within is anything but showy and is instead a convincing argument that Birdy has some serious wings as a singer-songwriter.”.  In comparison to Birdy’s first self-titled debut album which featured powerful cover songs, Fire Within is a new phase of Birdy in which her fans will see her come the limelight as a songwriter, having written/co-written all of the 11 tracks on the new album. With this 17 year singer-songwriter being so brave and so talented, this makes her the perfect artist for Heartbeat Music and she deserves all the Heartbeats that she can get! 

Heartbeat Video #1: 

Here is her breathtaking live version of Without A Word…

Heartbeat Video #2: 

Here is her beautiful studio session of her original song Wings…

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