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This four-piece band from London has an unbelievable talent that can catch the attention of anyone who steps in the room. What originally started out as a solo project by singer-songwriter Dan Smith has now turned into what could quite potentially be an internationally recognized band. Some may compare Bastille to Coldplay or One Republic, but it is indisputable that Bastille has an original sound of their own. Combining epic rock anthems with conventional piano ballads, Bastille are definitely not ones to be overlooked. Which is why they deserve as many heartbeats as they can get! Bastille’s debut album “Bad Blood” has received soaring amounts of positive feedback and ratings. The album itself is a true work of art, keeping you wanting more. Pop Matters states, “Bad Blood is a debut that’s as infectious as it is dramatically powerful”. I definitely recommend all viewers to check out this album! 

Here is an acoustic version of their first release Pimpeii

Here is a beautiful acoustic rendition of their song Flaws

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