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Lake Street Dive

Watch out music world… Lake Street Dive is about to take over. I simply cannot get enough of these guys.  Lake Street Dive is a four-piece pop/jazz sensation coming out of Boston’s New England Conservatory Jazz program and they pretty much have it all.  The first time I heard the oh so soulful voice Rachel Price I was hooked.  Price is an instrument in and of herself. She has a vocal flexibility that goes between being a little Amy Winehouse to other times being more on the Bonnie Riatt side of the spectrum. She is absolutely phenomenal. Then on top of that, when you add the badass standup bassist Bridget Kearney, drummer Mike Calabrese, and trumpeter/guitarist Mike “McDuck” Olson, you get one legendary work of art. There is something about this northeastern quartet that captivates every audience from bluegrass lovers to pop scene icons. They are each masters of their own instruments and as if that isn’t enough you can also add on top of that their pitch perfect harmonies. Lake Street Drive is making one hell of a name for themselves stretching all the way from the east to the west coast and they deserve all of he heartbeats that they can get. Hope you enjoy!

I had a really hard time choosing what videos to link to this post! With that being said, I definitely recommend taking the time to check out all of their other videos. I can’t get enough!

Here is their performance of You Go Down Smooth live at WFUV.

Here is their sidewalk rendition of I Want You Back

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