Heartbeat Music

Michael Kiwanuka

Michael Kiwanuka is a guitar loving, british soul singer who caught my attention immediately. Michael somehow finds the balance between being new, modern, and contemporary, but still having a classic, timeless feel. Not to mention his ability to work in some impressive guitar skills along the way! He is one of those songwriters that makes you feel some kind of emotion as soon as you hear his smooth, soulful voice. Home Again, is the debut album by Michael and it was  the winner of the BBC Sound of 2012 poll. Michael is bringing it back to old school with his debut album and it is nothing short of phenomenal. With this warm, beautifully recorded vintage soul record Mr. Kiwanuka deserves all the heartbeats that he can get. Michael Kiwanuka is also currently touring with the ever so talented Mumford & Sons! Check him out! 

Here is his acoustic performance of his song “I’m Getting Ready”. Enjoy!

Here is is his live acoustic session on The Beat at the BBC. Enjoy!

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