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Every so often you stumble across an artist that instantly makes the hair on the back of your next stand up with the music that they make and the emotionally moving lyrics that they write and sing. Troubadour Mike Rosenberg, aka Passenger, is one of these incredibly talented artists. Formerly a five man band, Passenger has now stripped down and gone back to the basics with acoustic performances integrating thought provoking lyrics with some mind blowing, out-of-this-world harmonies.

Passenger has quite literally brought music back to the streets by presenting his stripped down and soulful second album Wide Eyes Blind Love to the public as it was created: on the road. Setting up on random street corners across Australia and the UK, Passenger drew passerby’s in the hundreds to an immediate halt; all connecting to the honeyed tones and emotionally powerful lyrics. This is music as Mike Rosenberg strives for it to be, straightforward and pure, just honest talent and powerful lyrics that tap straight into any listener. This is exactly why Passenger is the perfect featured artist for Heartbeat Musicstripped down, raw, unvarnished talent. Perfection. 

Passengers most recent Australian recorded release All The Little Lights (2012) is a beautifully crafted album. The folk story-telling in Passenger definitely shows itself in this album. As a listener you become engrossed in every single song and it leaves you wanting more. I definitely recommend all Heartbeat Music viewers check this album out! Passenger deserves all the heartbeats he can get!

Heres an acoustic performance of his song “Staring at the Sky” Enjoy!

Heres another acoustic performance of his song “Hearts on Fire” feat. Ed Sheeran. They were made to sing together. Harmonies are perfection!

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