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Alexi Murdoch

Alexi Murdoch needs no introduction. If you are a singer-songwriter enthusiast you have most likely stumbled upon the wonderful smooth voice of this man. He has a voice that cannot be overlooked. His mid-range tenor is bold and generous, perfectly suited for his laid-back, kindhearted, think about life type of songwriting. Murdoch self records and releases his own music. His most recent release Towards The Sun (2011) is an impressive collection of alluring songs about stumbling through darkness, searching for happiness, and the overall mystery of life. With this album he covers familiar singer-songwriter territory and limits the instrumentation down to the basic bass drum, acoustic guitar and piano, which makes him a perfect highlight artist for Heartbeat MusicI would recommend all Heartbeat Music fans to check this album out!

From the moment Murdoch started releasing music back in 2002 he has drawn comparisons to the English folk legend Nick Drake. Murdoch does share with Drake the same raspy, heartbreakingly beautiful voice and deep thought provoking lyrics. And, although Murdoch is not the first one to be compared to Nick Drake, I believe he pulls it off with more original real life emotional honesty than most musicians out there. I simply cannot get enough of Alexi Murdoch. He has the ability to combine the singer-songwriter basics to create original attention-grabbing, emotion-producing, musical poetry. Alexi Murdoch deserves all the heartbeats he can get!

Here is an acoustic performance of his song  “The Light (Here Hands Were Leaves)”. Enjoy!

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