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Mikill Pane

Mikill Pane is an english rapper whom I believe flourishes on the side of acoustic rap. I became an instant fane of Pane when I heard his track “Little Lady” with Ed Sheeran. After hearing this track I decided to dig deeper into finding out who exactly Mikill Pane is.. and what did I find? I found an artist who I believe could be labeled as one of the best poetic lyricists of our generation. (Strong words, I know). Take his track “Little Lady” for example… Mikill Pane managed to piece together a chart topping poetic hit that displays a graphic sad story of a young prostitute. Through this Pane managed to create a chart topping poetic rap hit that brings awareness to one of the most problematic social issues of our generation. In my eyes this is the definition of a true poetic master and this is why I wanted to feature Mikill Pane on Heartbeat Music. Pane has mastered the art of poetic rap and I believe he deserves as many heartbeats as he can get.

Here is an acoustic performance of his some “Chairman of the Board”.. Enjoy!

Here is his and Ed Sheeran’s acoustic performance of “Little Lady” .. I cannot get enough of this song!


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