Heartbeat Music

Lelia Broussard

Catchy lyrics, unique vocals, talented guitarist, and a happy-go-lucky vibe, Lelia Broussard has the complete female artist package! I would classify Lelia in the same ballpark as Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Bess Rogers and other similar female artists. After listening to Lelia Broussard’s most recent full-album release, Masquerade (2010)I was instantly hooked. She has assembled an album of 10 upbeat, imaginative, pop-rock/soulful/alternative songs. All of which she wrote or co-wrote herself. All 10 songs each have their own distinct individual stories within each their melodies that keep you engaged and wanting more! Its impressive. That being said, I definitely believe that Lelaa Broussard deserves all the heartbeats that she can get! Get ready for some awesome hand-clapping, acoustic guitar, dance around your room music!

Here’s an acoustic performance of her song “Masquerade”. Enjoy!

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