Heartbeat Music

ZZ Ward

ZZ Ward has such a unique confidence about herself when she performs that it can grab anyones attention. She is definitely on the track to becoming a female chart-topper to remember! Ward grew up in a small town in Oregon, but you could never tell with her ” from the city” sound and feel. I had the pleasure of seeing ZZ Ward live in Eugene, OR  a few months ago and she rocked it. From the moment she steps foot on stage you can just tell that she is doing what she was born to do.. perform. She recently released her debut album Til the Casket Drops in October and it is flawless. It is everything you would expect from ZZ Ward and more. It has a soul/bluesy feel mixed with some hiphop/pop hooks and melodies. Needless to say it is an album that didn’t leave me cd player for quite a while. I believe ZZ Ward has a sound that can appeal to anyone. She DEFINITELY deserves all the heartbeats she can get.  This is an acoustic performance of her song “Till the Casket Drops”. Enjoy!

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