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Sara Bareilles

In my opinion Sara Bareilles is one of the most talented female artists out there. Her songwriting, voice, stage presence, and sense of humor all combine to equal perfection. Sara Bareilles is mostly known for her two chart topping hits “Love Song” and “King of Anything”, but I wanted to highlight Sara B on Heartbeat Music because I believe her musical ability far surpasses those two songs. Her songwriting is honest, down to earth, engaging, and seems to be getting better year after year. Her newly released EP “Once Upon Another Time” shows a new side of Sara Bareilles that fans have never seen before , which I believe highlights exactly why she deserves heartbeats!

She has the ability to win over any type of audience with her voice, but when you add in her sense of humor on stage and what seems to be her gigantic, sarcastic love for life, that is what gives her the ability to win over heartbeats for life! I encourage my followers to become a heartbeat for Sara B. She really is nothing short of amazing!

This  video is her acoustic performance of her original song, “Many the Miles”. 

This second video is her  acoustic cover of “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay”, which I know is not an original song, but she kills it! 

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